Furthering The Interest Of All Aspects Of Amateur Radio

Club Media

A selection of video’s from our growing YouTube channel

Club Introduction

As some members had left for pastures new and some had sadly passed away (Silent Key) it was high time, after four years, to update our introductory video. This short film is designed to give anyone with an interest in Amateur Radio an idea of our format.

Morse Key Makeover

Buying a brand new Morse key can be costly but finding a good ‘old’ one is possible. This 1948 Ivalek key received a makeover and is now available for use on club nights.

Winding a Toroid

Winding tight toroids is easy with a crochet hook! This short video shows the steps used to make these cute coils. This toroid is a trifilar coil consisting of ten turns. and a centre tap on the primary side.